So today kinda sucked. I slept for an hour and a half in my desk chair when my mom woke me up to tell me to go to bed, but I knew I had to stay up and keep Sophie company while my parents were at my dad's doctor appointment. Our landlord was coming by to inspect the damage of a tree falling on our roof during a snowstorm last night. A branch was launched through the ceiling in our bathroom. Man was that a loud noise! My first thought was thunder, then I realized it was snowing, then I thought it was my bed, but I realized it was making noise too long for it to be my bed breaking again, then I thought something had fallen in the bathroom but didn't know what could possibly be that loud. So all at once my whole family was in the hallway and I looked in the bathroom to find insulation coming through the ceiling and a huge mess of debris and branch pieces (along with a big branch) scattered around. What a mess!

But I am expecting a call tomorrow from the Rite-Aid pharmacist about a possible interview...EEP! So nervous!

I had Wendy's for an early dinner and my parents are out bringing Evaroni's home. Yum times a million!

Today I also registered for classes at Liberty University Online for my degree in Substance Abuse Counseling Psychology. I also filled out my FAFSA all by myself! Yeah! I rock sometimes. I'm hoping I get a good Pell Grant to cover tuition, my textbook, and have some leftover to take care of some things, like Kaya's allergies and my need to see an eye doctor. And if there's any left over, I'm buying my Colossalcon ticket, booking a room, and buying Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on DVD. I'm also going to buy some clothes from Goodwill. But that's all if things go the way I think they will, but that's never an accurate prediction.

But I was up so late last night I forgot to take my meds, so I took them during the day and not thinking, I took my Klonopin which makes me sleepy. I was supposed to drive to West Virginia to get Evaroni's Pizza so my mom could catch a break, but I was too tired to keep my eyes open. So my mom got really upset and that in turn upset me like no other.

Last night I got a quarter way through The Help. Hoping to get through a few chapters tonight. Not sure it'll be a late night given my lack of sleep today. Oh who am I kidding, I'll be up at 5 am still. We all know it.

So I guess today was kinda good and kinda crappy, too. It wasn't all bad. Really excited about my classes and potential job interview! Fingers crossed!